laoliva1The Municipality
The La Oliva municipality, in the north of the island of Fuerteventura, has a surface area of 2566.13 km.
It has an interior landscape where the volcanoes, multicoloured earth and welcoming villages make up a setting of unique beauty. Among the municipality's many attractions, the natural areas are a must to be visited. The Tindaya Mountain with important archaeological and geological values, Corralejo Natural Park with its spectacular field of dunes, the Isla de los Lobos Park with its wealth of flora and fauna and its dreamy spots, the Malpais de la Arena Natural Monument and the Protected Landscape of Vallebron.

betancuria6Sun and Beaches
Along its coasts we find long beautiful beaches of white sand and clear water, landscapes formed from a wide range of colours: turquoises, whites, blacks, golden, oranges, ochres, greens...
The shallowness of its waters, the fascinating landscapes, the wide diversity of its underwater fauna, its safety and waves gives La Oliva the ideal conditions for swimmers to enjoy, and also for lovers of scuba diving, surfing, windsurfing and other water sports.

The range of possibilities to enjoy the sun and beach in La Oliva municipality is endless: from kilometre long beaches of white sand and turquoise water, up to small coves lost beneath the cliffs, passing through natural pools of clear sea. The Great Beaches of Corralejo, the pools of El Cotillo, the wild beaches of the north coast, or the hidden areas of lsla de los Lobos leave nobody indifferent.

laoliva4Leisure and complementary offer
Scuba diving: Underwater fishing and scuba diving are some of the most attractive tourist alternatives in the municipality of La Oliva. The seabeds of its coast hold a lot of life, especially in the triangular area formed by Corralejo, lsla de Lobos and the dunes, with a depth at no more than l7 metres and an incredibly clear sea.

Water sports: The constant winds that blow in the northern municipality convert it into one of the Favorite places for the lovers of sailing, surfing, windsurfing and kiteboarding, a reason why the municipality has become the regular home of the "surfers" that come from the most varied areas of the worlds El Cotillo, Majanicho, Esquinzo, El Hierro, La Punta, El Burro, la Tinosa, Punta Elena... are some of the places to partake in these sports at top level.Other disciplines such as kayaking, stand-up paddle and sports fishing, Find an ideal centre in the coasts at La Oliva.

Trekking and Mountain biking: Trekking and walks, mountain biking and cycling, are widely undertaken by the tourists that visit the Natural Parks at Corralejo and Lobos, Calderon Honda, Malpais de La Arena or Montaña Sagrada de Tindaya. A very natural way to discover the beauty that the interior hides.
Spa and Thalasso: There are many establishments that have added to the offer of wellness, and there are many opportunities for spa and health and beauty treatments, which I meet all tastes and requirements in La Oliva.

laoliva4Culture and traditions
The municipality is a place where traditions are very deeply rooted and this is reflected in the popular fiestas that take place during the year in the villages in the area, such as the festivals of Virgen de la Candelaria, Nuestra Senora del Buen \/iaje or Nuestra Senora del Carmen.

Other traditions that are found in La Oliva are Canary lsland fighting, crafts made from open work, pottery and palms and popular gastronomy, where there is always Majorero cheese, gofio, goat's meat and an endless variety of fish, belonging to a place with a tradition for fishing.
There are many cultural centres, amongst which we find Casa de los Coroneles, Grano la Cilla museum, la Cueva del Llano, the Fortaleza del Toston, Casa Mané and the Traditional Fishing Museum, which tell us of a past and way of living in olden times.

Events and Congresses
The municipality of La Oliva is a centre for a wide range at different types of international sports, cultural or leisure events, amongst which we must highlight the International Kite Festival, the Dunas de Corralejo Halt Marathon, the Music Festival on Fuerteventura beach, carnivals, the Fuerteventura Wave Classic tor lovers at windsurf and waves and the Exponautica de Corralejo, among others.
Two auditoriums and many hotels and establishments with halls that are equipped for congresses, make it possible for business tourism to perfectly combine work and pleasure in La Oliva.

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